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Prospective Kansas students require higher test scores

Prospective students on the bubble will need to study more on their standardized tests after the University gets the go-ahead to toughen admissions standards. According to the meeting agenda, the Kansas Board of Regents is expected to pass an amendment during its regular meeting on Dec. 19 to allow the University to raise the required […]

Non-music majors fit in with KU ensembles

The timbre of the flute cadenza at the end of Symphonic Sketches from Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story warmed pre-pharmacy major Connor Bowman, when the solo notes captured his ears as the KU Symphonic Orchestra (KUSO) performed it at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, Mo. The cadenza captured the death […]

Students control video game addictions

Final exams week is approaching, but that won’t keep college students from playing their video games, and their grades may not suffer. College students are big players in the video game field. While many studies have linked video games to negative academic performance, upperclass students have found ways to play while maintaining other responsibilities like […]

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I’m using this site to also hold my portfolio work at student media. If you want to know more about me or view my work, click on the menu items above these posts.

Project Newsie Freedom on hold

I’ve been selected as the Editor-in-Chief for The University Daily Kansan for the summer 2012 publication term. Unfortunately I will have to suspend this project in order to concentrate on my duties there.

Planning stage for Project Newsie Freedom and some history on U.S. college media rights

SPRING 2012: Planning stage for Project Newsie Freedom After discussions with some of my professors at the University of Kansas, I’ve decided to make this semester a planning period where I’ll construct a process with which to proceed my investigation into student newspapers in the summer. I also will focus on Kansas college media first. […]

Project Newsie Freedom

Starting next week, I will take an in-depth look into the operations of college newspapers across the country to assess their level of collegiate press freedom. Importance of free press A free press is necessary in any functioning democracy; but it’s extremely vital in institutions of higher education, which are almost autocratic in nature with […]